Succulent Wall

We are a local company and take pride in providing a wide range of living walls for commercial and residential clients. We are pleased to offer a succulent wall San Diego for vertical gardens and we will find the right plants for the environment and match your décor. Living walls will have living plants that are installed in a vertical manner. Our contractors will be responsible for arranging the plants in a creative manner. We will work with you so as to understand your needs and preference. We have the experience and skills to identify the most appropriate plants.

When you choose to have a succulent wall in your home, it can improve the overall design of the house. We can use these walls for indoor and outdoor designs and we are committed to making your home the talk of the town. Everyone that will come into your property will find something to talk about. Each of our succulent walls is designed in a beautiful and way and they can be used as a backdrop for different parts of your home. We have used living walls to enhance patios, pools, fences and even the interiors of your property. We will use our skills and expertise to make your property stand out.

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Succulent Wall Experts

When installing succulent walls, we will use modular panels, which are easy to shape and resize. With these panels, we will be able to place each of the plants right where we want to. Our panels will have an irrigation system and as such, the plants will not need any maintenance. We have come up with modern techniques that we can use for different properties. We are creative and innovative and our living walls are commonly used as centerpieces in commercial and residential properties.

Ideally, with the living walls, you will get to paint your walls with fresh plants and this creates a unique feel. You will get an amazing combination of colors, texture, and styles with the succulent walls.  We can create unique shapes and we will form the right impression using our skills. Since we have the experience, we can easily tell which plants would be perfect for your home. All you have to do is share with us your dream wall and we will find the appropriate plants for your vertical garden. All our walls will be made of plants that have shallow roots, which contribute to the overall design and appearance. Once the plants start to grow, we will trim and prune them as part of the scheduled maintenance.


Green Living Walls

The succulent wall San Diego is one of the ways to add color to your life and this comes with so many benefits. The plants will filter the air and this improves indoor air quality. We are proud to present our clients with a myriad of options that they can choose from. Contact us today and let us provide quality living walls at affordable prices. We are excited to take up on your next project.